About Kiayeorg

What is Kiayeorg?

Kiayeorg is the new company owned by Justin "Salt Machine" Proulx (formerly known as Sn0wCh1ld). Founded in October of 2014, it replaces Smallcut Powers, which was an entertainment company, also owned by Justin. Smallcut Powers became very outdated, was full of junk, and had an awful name, so Kiayeorg was created, and the good Smallcut Powers assets were transfered. The others were either shut down, sold, or simply forgotten about. The Smallcut Powers site now redirects to Kiayeorg.

What do you guys own?

We currently own the Smallcut games site (though we plan to do some other things games-wise in the future, if we can), the KIAYE site (included in this one), and Low Budget Animation Studios, which does the graphics parts of our projects. LBAS also creates content for our Justin Wilson Vine account which produces Extreme Rekage Cartoons (XRC). We previously owned NoJailbreakApps, but that was sold to smileytechguy during the Smallcut Powers transition to Kiayeorg. We also build apps, including AutoTutor, a math app for kids in grades 1 - 8 and Paperboy Assistant, an app to make newspaper delivery much easier.

Is Smallcut Powers completely gone now?

Yes. We couldn't be bothered to really delete all the individual sites, but the Smallcut Powers website simply redirects to Kiayeorg, the official Facebook page was converted to Kiayeorg. The individual sites that were formerly run by Smallcut Powers but didn't make it to Kiayeorg are technically still owned by Emperor Sn0wCh1ld, but they are not maintained, advertised or supported. Smallcut Powers itself is gone.

So, what exactly do you guys do?

What ever we feel like! Our development team (which hasn't done much in a while because of various reasons, such as school) is supposed to just do projects to be added to Kiayeorg. We would like to build some really cool stuff at some point! So basically, whatever Kiayeorg wants to do, Kiayeorg does.

I want to get news from you guys, how do I do it?

Well, you could follow our owner @JustinAlexP. He posts Kiayeorg-related stuff, and other stuff on there. You might like it.