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You're in grades 1 - 8 and you're getting bad grades in your math class? Hey, it's okay, lots of people have trouble with math. That's why AutoTutor's here! You see, math is a really important (arguably the most important) subject at school, and it's super important that you excel in it. The reason it's super important is because every job you can possibly get uses math in some shape. From being a fast food worker to being the CEO of a huge megacorporation, math is all around you.

Now, you see, math will help you get further in life. However, if you have difficulties in it, that's perfectly normal, and you shouldn't feel ashamed of yourself. But you should, however, try to improve your skills. AutoTutor is an app that will help you do exactly that, for a super low price! When you're practicing, AutoTutor will even explain how to solve each problem, so you can follow the steps and learn how to do it, perhaps even giving you a new perspective on how to solve the problem, which could be a way you understand better.

For parents/legal guardians, hiring a tutor, even a teenage tutor that you can't really trust in terms of quality, can be very expensive. Most will be above $15 per hour. I think that's outrageous. AutoTutor is here to help your child with math skills in a way that you can observe and confirm quality, but at a single price, multiple times lower than most human tutors' hourly rates. Doesn't that sound great? I think so. AutoTutor's quality is ensured by the fact that its questions are loosely based on the official Ontarian mathematics curriculum (you can view it here), a curriculum used to educate over one million students in mathematics across Ontario.

AutoTutor is even also able to be used as a tool for teachers and tutors. If you acquire the Tutor Codes for AutoTutor (more information on that below, in the black box), you can unlock all of the levels from the start, enabling you to use AutoTutor as a tool to make learning more interactive, more interesting. AutoTutor can be used as a way to do different exercises for each concept to help your student improve their skills, with less effort for you.

Some great AutoTutor features:

AutoTutor is designed to be used with iPad, but can be used on-the-go with your iPhone or iPod touch. All devices compatible with iOS 9.0 are compatible with AutoTutor. (Note: AutoTutor is compatible with iPhone 4S, but it is recommended to use it with an iPhone 5 or newer)


Tutor Codes


The AutoTutor codes allow you to use AutoTutor as an interactive tool to help your student(s) with math much easier.

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Paperboy Assistant

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Newspaper delivery can be a difficult job. Remembering which houses to deliver to, and what to deliver to them can be hard to do, and mistakes can be made.

Paperboy Assistant is an app that can help you solve that. It is an app specifically designed to record your paper route (or paper routes), and keep track of who gets the paper, who does not, and even who is on vacation.

When you go on vacation, generally you will have a replacement paper carrier to do your job while you're away. It can be a huge pain for them too, since they are not used to your route, and your paper route list can be pretty confusing for them. Paperboy Assistant can help greatly reduce confusion, as it uses simple terms and is very organized, allowing them to have an easier time replacing you. It is very easy to send over your route to them, as sharing via email, iMessage and AirDrop are all supported, making the process of getting your information to them even easier.

What are you waiting for? If you're a newspaper carrier, Paperboy Assistant is the app for you!

Note: While any device running iOS 9.0 or higher can run Paperboy Assistant, it is highly recommended to use iPhone 5 or higher, iPod touch (6th generation) or higher or iPad (4th generation) or higher.

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